•  TIF (Tax Increment Financing) ~$890,000 over 5-years
  • 10-Year sliding scale Residential Tax Abatement
  • Private investment ~$72 million
  • 12.74 acres (7.5 acres developed & 5.24 acres open space)
  • To be completed in four phases in the next four years

Anticipated Mix of Uses 

  • 3 Patio Homes
  • 58 Townhomes
  • 203 Apartments
  • 18 Condominiums
  • 10 Live/Work
  • 66 Senior Living
  • 36,300 square feet Commercial/Retail

Plans & Photos

Welcome to the Future Heart of Hiawatha


The Vision

Quick Facts



Hiawatha Midtown is a new mixed-use development that will form “the Heart of Hiawatha”—a walkable residential, retail and entertainment district where residents and visitors feel a sense of home, and a sense of pride. 

Hiawatha is a growing, evolving community—its residents and businesses need access to attainable, attractive spaces where they can live and work, raise a family and be a part of something bigger than themselves. By creating a walkable residential, retail and entertainment district that represents the shared ambitions of local residents and businesses, Hiawatha Midtown offers a rare opportunity for the city to build its culture from the ground up.

The result will be a vibrant, welcoming neighborhood featuring a mix of housing types, businesses and green spaces that beautify the city. Our vision is rooted in opportunity, accessibility and a shared sense of community. 

The live/work spaces planned for Hiawatha Midtown provide an opportunity to support small local businesses that make a big impact on the community. 

Live/work spaces allow business owners to live adjacent to their retail storefront or office in order to combine some of their personal and business expenses, a strategy that can eliminate many of the barriers to entry faced by first-time business owners and improve the success rate of start-ups.

When small local businesses grow into successful, large companies, they tend to stay in the communities that helped them flourish. By supporting innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups in their infancy, Hiawatha positions itself to diversify, grow and retain its business base, creating a resilient and future-ready city. 

Press Release: Midtown Hiawatha Offers Bold New Vision for City

Download link for Side By Side and Hiawatha Midtown logo(s) here.

Hiawatha midtown